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Declaration 聲明


  1. I am hereby enrolling in an e-learning program. Instruction is provided online via HKEEC’s Learning System (MLS).

  2. Acceptance is at the discretion of HKEEC.

  3. An official receipt will be sent to you within two weeks.

  4. Generally, refunds are not granted once a participant registers for a course. The University reserves the right to approval or deny a student’s request for refund once the student successfully registered for the course. To cancel, students are required to promptly notify HKEEC at If HKEEC cancels or alters a course, students will be notified immediately. The University will send an email with instructions for requesting a refund to the email address used by the student during the registration process.

  5. The HKEEC reserves the right to make alterations regarding the course details.

  6. The HKEEC supports the equal opportunities policy, without discriminating against any person on the grounds of gender, disability, family status, or any other basis.

  7. Personal Data Collection Statement

    1. It is HKEEC’s intent to protect the privacy of student records under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance(Cap.486) and other related regulations. HKEEC will not release such information to any individual without having first received the student’s written request to do so, or unless otherwise required by law.

    2. The personal data of applicants are collected and kept for purposes of the processing of applications of course enrolment, course admission, student face authentication, course research, and statistical matters.

    3. Applicants wishing for access to and/or correction of personal data may send their written requests to HKEEC.

  8. The personal data provided in this form will be used by HKEEC for direct marketing, including special offers, training and education programs, awards and competitions, membership, alumni, promotional activities, and other services and activities that it may arrange.

  9. Should you have any questions about the eLearning course or technology issues, please contact us on 3757 8071 during office hours 9 AM-4 PM or Inquiries will be responded to on the same day or the next business day.

  10. I have understood all the " Declaration" listed in the Application Form.



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